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"Emotional immaturity can reflect a lack of depth and understanding about counselor and dating coach at Love Successfully, tells Bustle.
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Impulsive behavior is usually spurred by the need for instant gratification. People are likely to do this in a relationship when they are struggling to hold the relationship together. Impulsive behavior, such as excessive spending on a whim, is an indicator of emotional immaturity. This behavior shows that one partner may be more concerned with immediate pleasure than the overall well-being of a relationship.

5 Signs of an Immature Man - You're Dating A Boy (Not A Man)

People with overly impulsive tendencies put additional pressure on a relationship and the effects can be viewed from a monetary or emotional angle. Crystal Lassen hails from Kansas City, Mo. Her reviews have appeared on the Publisher's Weekly website and are largely concerned with current events. An emotionally immature partner can be difficult to handle. Meet Singles in your Area! Temper Tantrums Temper tantrums are an indicator of emotional immaturity.

Dependency Sometimes partners become overly dependent on each other. Self-Involvment People may be self-involved whether they are in a relationship or not. Impulsive Behavior Impulsive behavior is usually spurred by the need for instant gratification. View Singles Near You. You have informed my mind through your online write up. Many thanks for this wonderful insight. I was searching online today after another huge row with my partner which, again, resulted in him sleeping in the other room out of his frustration.

We are very bad at communicating, and I had always just put it down to our different cultures. However, he called me childish last night after I reacted to his confrontation in my usual way. My first reaction was hurt and anger to hear these words from the person I love, and then my second was to think how horrible and unfair he is.

Signs of Emotional Immaturity in Relationships | Dating Tips

But, as this occurs too frequently, I decided to look into the possibility that I could be emotionally immature. Ironically, my first reaction was to try and mould the words to put the blame onto my partner, to tell myself that it was describing him — not me, and it was then that it hit me. I am the emotionally immature person. Alas, I now realise that it all makes sense. I am sure that my partner has his issues as well, I know he does, but that is for him to fix — not me. The only thing I can do to help our bad communication is to alter my own reactions. I especially related to what Caleigh had written above, and the stop-look-listen-choose technique sounds like it could really work for me.

How to Evaluate a Man’s Emotional Maturity

But, as usual, I can feel the anxiety building in my chest and it feels like an impossible task to change. If you still have the attachment regarding stop-look-listen-change I would really appreciate it if you could forward it to me. I am determined to change the way I think because I know how much it is holding me back.


I have let far too many great opportunities pass me by because I was scared of the failure. But enough is enough. I am soon to be 30 and I want to embrace the next chapter of my life without holding myself back. I appreciate your heartfelt and honest comment. I have to tell you that the journey to emotional maturity is not easy. However, you have taken the most difficult step. Your realization that you have been acting like the victim and blaming your partner for the dynamic that is occuring and your willingness to take responsibility for your reactions and the quality of your relationship is, in and of itself, an act of great emotional maturity.

So, I say congratulations! The opportunity is now yours to continue on this path by continuing to own your part in what is happening and by learning to make new, more empowering choices. Living from the Inside Out which treats this topic directly. Sorry for the promotion but I recognize you need some support in this journey. This is some long-distance support I can give you. Let me know how its going. Hi Roger fantastic article and very inspiring.

Sorry for the stuff I am about to ask you but I really need some help. I am do insecure in myself I have no confidence or assurance in myself. I admire other people and observe other people and admire their mannerisms and how head strong and self assured they are it almost turns to envy. I am affected so much by outside influences and have no control over my emotions. I feel immature and feel like an innocent child with no self esteem.


I am 23 and still live with my parents and no job. I want a job but have no confidence to get one. At times I feel emasculate and font feel like a man which makes the insecurity worse. All this makes me feel unhappy all day everyday.

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What can I do about this? I am currently waiting on an appointment with a psycharitrist. I just want to be normal and live my life but this is pinning me down and stopping me from growing up, please your thoughts wil help greatly. There are times when all of us need to reach out to others and ask for help. Working with someone can bring safety, perspective and stability. It sounds like you have given lots of power to everyone but yourself. Their judgments, not even their judgments but your perception of their judgments which are more than likely inaccurate most of the time matter more to you than your own.

Take some time to identify your good qualities, your strengths, what you like about yourself. Make that list and then read and re-read it so you believe it. Use this as a foundation on which to build more confidence. Carry this list with you and get it out and review it as you need to during the day. I am seeing how important emotional maturity is and how much easier it can be in the working world if you implement these skills elsewhere.

I feel my working life could also massively be improved where it is imperative that you at least can uphold a half decent emotional matureness to cope with certain situations. Thanks and a great article that has certainly made me stop and think!

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You are creating a good solution for yourself. As you say, learn to step back and breathe rather than react during your key moments.

Signs of Emotional Immaturity in Relationships

Think about your bigger vision. What will happen if you react in a weakening way? Is that the outcome you want? What outcome do you want? Visualize yourself not reacting but responding in a way that is consistent with who you want to be and the vision you want to achieve. Then make a deliberate choice to respond to the key moment in a strengthening way, a way that is consistent with your bigger self, your long term vision.

This is hard work.

How to Evaluate a Man’s Emotional Maturity

It takes practice, but results in much better outcomes. Thank you Roger for your response, I think you hit the nail on the head, I am controlled by my surroundings. I also feel incredibly insecure in myself and this makes me feel immature and child like, my head is uncontrollable and sometimes it feels like I am going insane. I just want to be normal and live a fullfilling life. I will do as you said to do and make a list, is there anything else you cans advise me to do, how I can stay in my zone and not be affected by the outside world?

Once again thank you for taking time out if your day to reply. Hi Roger, Im about to go to work when i found this to boost myself for today.